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Equipment Engineering Services (EES)

EES' Machinery Increases 
Manufacturing Productivity

Our mechanical and electrical engineers design 
and develop process equipment, custom machines,
automation systems and control systems for
industries throughout the United States.

EES' Consulting Determines 
Project Feasibility 
Our licensed professional engineers analyze projects
for technical viability to help clients evaluate potential
risks and make informed decisions.

EES' Engineers Use
Scientific Research

Our staff is capable of in-depth research often 
required to define a process solution prior to
development of a manufacturing process.

EES' Associate Fabricates
Quality Machines
Our associate, Grieb Manufacturing Company
builds equipment and machines that meet our 
high standards.

EES' Solutions Reduce
Manufacturing Costs

Let us work with you to find an engineering solution.
We look forward to discussing your technical

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Two-Phase Flow and 
Heat Transfer
Continuing Education Course

Written by Dyer Harris, President of Equipment Engineering Services.
Available through ASME.

This course is designed to provide a phenomenological understanding of two-phase 
flow and heat transfer in engineering processes and components.

Online Course: 
Runs online five times a year.
Last 2010 session: November 1
Sign up through ASME at

Live Course:
New Orleans, Louisiana

Houston, Texas
Sign up at:

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